SPY Mouse iPhone App Review

Check out today’s iPhone App RecommendationSPY Mouse by Electronic Arts is the number one iPhone game in the iTunes App Store!

**Danger. Intrigue. Stealth. Cheese! SPY mouse is the iPhone GAME OF THE WEEK** Get the brand new #1 hit on the App Store from the creators of Flight Control & Real Racing!

Embark on a journey of epic proportions, over two years in the making!

Spy Mouse iPhone App Review

Agent Squeak *is* SPY mouse, a super-secret operative serving the needs of mice everywhere.

Can the world’s smallest hero prevail in one of iPhone’s biggest games? His fate’s in your hands!

Features that make this game number one:

- Sneak, scamper and snack your way through 70+ deviously challenging levels!

- 6 unique worlds, full of adventure, each with their own diabolical hench-cat to outwit.

- Run circles around your feline foes using all manner of zany gadgets, gizmos and power-ups!

Spy Mouse iPhone App Review

- Cat trouble? Recruit the help of the exotic Kiska and get your mission back on track.

- Forever fun with achievements, secret levels and thrilling, action-packed updates!

Slip into the astounding world of SPY mouse and find out how deep the mouse hole goes…

So if you like our iPhone App Recommendation for SPY Mouse, go check it out in the iTunes App Store today!

SPY mouse - Electronic Arts


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Let’s Cook iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Recommendation is for Let’s Cook by Med Foods!

Cook alongside Chef Fabio with over 3 hours of his “must try” video recipes. Plus enjoy professional kitchen and entertaining tips, as well as 100+ recipes hand selected by Chef Fabio himself.

Best of all, the videos are part of the app so there’s no streaming or Internet connection needed to view them. In other words, the download is definitely worth the wait.

Let’s Cook! features 16 videos of Chef Fabio cooking some of his most delicious signature dishes. Each video recipe is simple to follow and full recipes, prep times, cooking times, serving sizes, and wine pairings are also included.

Let's Cook iPhone App Review

What’s more, the videos are cooked right in, so there’s no waiting for streaming videos to load. You don’t need an Internet connection to use the Let’s Cook! app.

Download Tip: Be sure to download using a Wi-Fi connection or directly to your computer and sync your mobile device later.

Let’s Cook! also has more than 100 mouthwatering recipes selected by Chef Fabio to try courtesy of Bertolli® Olive Oil. These recipes also follow the step-by-step format and range from soups, appetizers, and salads to side dishes, entrées, and desserts. Chef Fabio gives menu, cooking, entertaining, kitchen tips, and more. There’s even a special section devoted solely to the wonders of olive oil.

This app has everything you need to learn to cook with passion, skill and confidence in an easy, personalized way in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Let's Cook iPhone App Review

Discover how fun and fulfilling cooking can be making wonderfully delicious dishes with this engaging and enlightening app from Chef Fabio Viviani and Bertolli Olive Oil.

“I adore all the features to pieces and I cannot be more proud of this app. The videos are fun and very instructive at the same time, and there is a boatload of recipes as well. You’re gonna love it. Enjoy!” – Chef Fabio

Features to Make this one of the best tools for cooking on the iPhone:
- Special welcome from Chef Fabio
- 3 hours of cooking video
- 16 full-screen video recipes featuring Chef Fabio’s “must try” dishes
- 100+ easy-to-follow recipes personally selected by Chef Fabio featuring Bertolli Olive Oil
- Easy recipe searchability
- Chef Fabio’s professional cooking tips
- Chef Fabio’s kitchen tips
- Chef Fabio’s fun and insightful entertaining tips
- Menu suggestions
- Wine pairings
- All you want to know about olive oil
- Create a favorites list
- Email ingredients for easy shopping
- Links to share with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter
- Elegant, intuitive design
- Fabulous full-screen photography
- Videos download with the app, so they are viewable without needing an Internet connection ever made

You’re gonna love it!

If you like our iPhone App Recommendation, check out Let’s Cook! today in the iPhone App Store!

Let's Cook! for iPhone - Med Foods Inc.


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iBlast Moki 2 iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Recommendation is for iBlast Moki 2 by Godzilab!  Do you blast Moki?  If your answer is “no”, then you should.

In this new adventure, the Mokis will use the help of new gameplay elements such as the paint bombs and more crazy contraptions to reach the magic spiral.

iBlast Moki 2 iPhone App Review

- Explore 90 levels across 6 colorful worlds with more to come.
- Each location is packed with unique levels, using realistic physics and lots of different items to manipulate such as paint bombs, ropes, rising balloons, rotating wheels
- 6 beautiful and unique musics
- Beautiful Retina graphics

iBlast Moki 2 iPhone App Review

- Build new levels with the advanced physics editor which was used to create the entire game
- Only your imagination is the limit to what you can build, collect the many tools such as joints, motors, decoration, stickers and create some beautiful level with crazy contraptions
- Share your levels online and enjoy the puzzles created by thousands of players

If you like our iPhone App Recommendation, go check out iBlast Moki 2 in the iTunes App Store today!

iBlast Moki 2 - Godzilab


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Bouncy Mouse iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Recommendation is for a hot new physics game called Bouncy Mouse by Munkadoo Games LLC.  Check out the game description below!

All was good on Mouse Island until the thieving Captain Cat stole the Big Cheese! Help Bouncy Mouse get the Big Cheese back and restore peace to the world. It’s a big task for a little mouse!

Bouncy Mouse iPhone App Review

Use his elastic tail to shoot, sling, and fly Bouncy Mouse through 30 beautiful levels in three exciting worlds. Avoid Spiky Bees, grab on to magic pegs, bounce off of Bumper Birds, and eat as much cheese as you can. It’s an epic adventure for all Mouse-kind!

Bouncy Mouse iPhone App Review

Features that make this one a huge hit!

- Challenging physics-based gameplay!
- Punch the lights out of Captain Cat when you win!
- Unlock secrets by collecting 100% cheese in each level: customize your mouse!
- Can you get through each level without losing a heart?
- Delightful music in each world!
- The adventure’s not over… more worlds coming in Fall 2011!

A brand new game like none you’ve seen before. So much cheese, so little time!

If you like our iPhone App Recommendation, go check out Bouncy Mouse in the iTunes App Store today!

Bouncy Mouse - Munkadoo Games LLC


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Cave Mice iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Recommendation is for a new puzzle game on the iPhone called Cave Mice by Appicus.

Navigate mouse Theseus Tilsit on his dangerous mission into an abyss to retrieve cheese rations which his family and community need to survive.

Evade sharp obstacles and also attacks from evil cave dwellers. Defend yourself by throwing chunks of cheese at your enemies. The ideal game On The Go.

Cave Mice iPhone App Review

We really enjoy puzzle games that also include a story… read it here

Mouse Theseus Tilsit together with his friends and family live in a secret cellar in a abandoned medieval cloister. Over the summer the hard working mice have collected substantial cheese rations which shall guarantee their survival during the long winter ahead.

Tragically the old wood floor collapses and all the cheese rations fall into a deep cave below. The smartest Mouse Dr. Professor Rechaud constructs a special crane to send the bravest mouse Theseus into the deep abyss. There awaits him a battle for life and death.


Navigate the Gondola in which our hero travels around. On the way collect as many chunks of cheese as possible. Danger lurks on every corner. First of all you need to avoid the sharp cave edges. Then there are vicious enemies ready to attack you. You can defend yourself by throwing the already collected cheese chunks at them thus disengaging them.

Your score will be determined by how deep into the abyss you are able to travel and how much cheese you are able to collect. Keep that in mind and you will get the highest score.

Cave Mice is going to keep you on the edge.

Cave Mice iPhone App Review

Special Features that make Cave Mice noteworthy and unique:

- Fully supports high-definition “Retina Display”
- Posting of high scores at “Game Center” available
- Unique precision of natural motion sequences
- Intuitive tilt control of gondola movements
- Original and detailed graphics and animation
- Unique and distinctive game music in stereo sound
- All sounds can be turned off and on
- Increasing difficulty and complexity
- Various challenges and achievements

If you’ve enjoyed our iPhone App Recommendation today, check out Cave Mice by Appicus today in the iTunes App Store!

Cave Mice - Appicus


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Rogue Sky iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Recommendation and Review is for a physics based game called Rogue Sky by Chillingo!  Cannons, balloons, beautiful clouds, and graphics… Rogue Sky is a must have, and instant hit!

This arcade flying game is full of hot air…

Rogue Sky iPhone App Review

Take flight in a grinning hot air balloon in this unique arcade flying game. Navigate through the cloud-filled skies, collect valuable power-stars, destroy enemy balloons and avoid floating mines to make it to the end of each stage and collect those precious coins.

Featuring gorgeous artwork, addicting gameplay, and a ton of content, Rogue Sky is one title you won’t be putting down in a hurry.

Rogue Sky iPhone App Review

Rogue Sky Highlights and Features that will take your breath away:
- Smart, intuitive controls keep you in total command of your balloon, even through tricky areas and tight squeezes.
- Amazing hand drawn environments blend seamlessly with superbly rendered 3D models to create a stunning visual experience.
- Huge variety of game modes to keep you playing, ranging from simply making it to the end of a level, to mine sweeping, to taking on a squadron of enemy balloons.
- Unlock content as you progress, including power-ups, weapons, speed and armor boosts and more.
- Collect coins to unlock all of the Rogue brothers, each one with their own special attributes.
- Whimsical yet gothic soundtrack will stay in your ears long after you’ve stopped playing.

So if you liked our iPhone App Recommendation, please check Rogue Sky by Chillingo out int he iTunes App Store today!


Rogue Sky - Chillingo Ltd


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Stickman BMX iPhone App Review!

Today’s iPhone App Review and recommendation is for Stickman BMX by Traction Games!  It’s a huge hit – check out the description and what the customers are saying about it!

Our hero Stickson returns in the latest installment to test his skills on a street BMX bike. Do you have what it takes to survive the wide variety of terrain including forests, cities, oil refineries and the ultimate test that is living hell!

Stickman BMX iPhone App Review

Simple to pick-up-and-play with plenty of depth to keep the avid gamer entertained for hours.

Features that make this one a huge hit:

- 60 Fast paced scrolling levels packed full of excitement.
- Wonderfully detailed locations with interactive obstacles and inhabitants.
- Hundreds of combinations of real BMX tricks.
- Hidden paths and routes in all levels to explore.
- Completely re-engineered physics engine.
- Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements.
- In-app purchase: Race the Ace – Race against the computer in 30 all new levels.
- In-app purchase: Skateboard – Skate fans can now choose to ride a skateboard instead of BMX in all levels of the game.

Stickman BMX iPhone App Review

What are customers saying who have bought the game?

- Thanks for showing the BMX community some love!

- A really nice app but “race the ace” is so hard!!! U have to beat a dude!!!

- This game is awesome! It is so addicting. The controls feel a bit more fluid than Stickman skater and the updated animations make this well worth the $.99!!!

If you liked our iPhone App Recommendation and Review for Stickman BMX, go check it out in the iTunes App Store today!

Stickman BMX - Traction Games


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ePig Surf iPhone App Review!

Today’s iPhone App Review is for ePig Surf by ePig Games!  Eddie, everyone’s favorite pig is back, with a brand new adventure on the surfboard and in the ocean dodging obstacles, such as islands sharks, Manta Rays, Dolphins, Turtles, and the mysterious octopi.  The longer you surf the faster you’ll go as the game gets progressively more difficult and raises the stakes!

ePig Surf iPhone App Review

Summer’s here and surf’s up, dudes, so climb onto your board and ride the waves with ePig Surf!

Join Eddie in his freshest adventure yet, as he splashes and carves his way through the ocean surf, in this sizzling summer blockbuster!
There’s no better way to stay cool than to hang out with Eddie as he rides the waves!

Aquatic friends will want to come and hug Eddie from all directions, but they’ll knock him off his surf board!

As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll have to avoid obstacles such as islands, rocks, and whirlpools, and even foggy weather!

ePig Surf iPhone App Review
iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store
Features that make this one a hit:

- Beautiful Retina Display graphics!

- Awesome tilt controls – easy to play, yet hard to master!

- Unlock awesome new surf boards that increase your skill!

- Avoid sea creatures and obstacles – how long can you ride the wave???

- GameCenter leaderboards! Compete with friends around the world!

- Classic surfing music that’s sure to get you bopping along to the beat!

What’s great about ePig Surf is that this is just one of the games in the series from ePig Games and you can download other great titles such as ePig Dive Treasure Hunter, ePig Rop, and ePig Dash!

So if you’re looking for a great and challenging game along with other titles that will hook you from the start and liked today’s review, check out ePig Surf by ePig Games in the iPhone App Store today!

ePig Surf - Dnd Studios


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Cover Orange iPhone App Review!

Today’s iPhone App Review is for Cover Orange by FDG entertainment!  There’s only one thing on today’s breakfast menu:  ORANGE.

It’s no mistery as to why Cover Orange is a top 5 App, and has a five star rating!  You’ve stumbled upon an exciting puzzle game that is fun for all ages. It combines realistic game physics, a huge sequence of levels, bright colors, back drops, original, but comical animations.

Cover Orange iPhone App Review

iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Story behind this addictive puzzle game:

TOXIC ALERT:  A deadly genetically modified rain cloud of fruit dissolving vapour is heading for the orange capital of the world!

WANTED:  A fruit loving, natural-ingredient pioneering hero!

WHEN:  Now! Can you ‘orange’ it?

MISSION:  Drag the various objects at your disposal to create barriers that will protect the oranges from the acid rain. Use your skill and ingenuity to achieve the maximum population survival rate. Vitamin ‘C’ollateral damage is not an option.

REWARD:  Adoring shouts and cheers from the small, orange, spherical guys and their undying love.

Cover Orange iPhone App Review

Amazing FEATURES that make this an App to remember!

- Retina Display support
- Apple Game Center Integration
- Includes 220 Levels
- Ultra-realistic object physics
- A true Internet hit with over 75 million plays
- Music by Eduard Tziselsky, composer for the tv-show “Village of Fools”
- User-friendly touch controls
- Dazzling colors

If you liked our iPhone App Review, and you are looking for countless hours of fun, go check out Cover Orange in the iTunes App Store today!

Cover Orange - FDG Entertainment


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Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Review is for Tweet Hunt:  Celebirdies by Jared Kroff.  With over 500Tweet Hunt is a classic shooting, gallery game with a great new twist powered by Twitter.

Each bird in the game represents a real tweet. Using your slingshot, stop enough tweets from escaping to pass each round. When things get tight, summon the wrath of the fail whale to eliminate all visible birds!

Tweet Hunt:  Celebirdies iPhone App Review

iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

To take out some of the most popular users on Twitter, you’ll have to get through their followers first! Take on @Snooki, @ConanObrien, @AshtonKutcher, @Shaq, @KatyPerry and many more in this unique and fun classic shooter powered by Twitter.

Also includes Top Trends mode from Tweet Hunt: Classic, and exclusive new Practice and My Tweeps modes!

Tweet Hunt:  Celebirdies iPhone App Review

Go hunting in four fun modes with features that make this a huge new app:

- CELEBIRDIES:  Get through enough of their followers to get a shot at taking out these popular Twitter tweeters. Use your hard earned points to unlock more celebirdies.

- TOP TRENDS:  Classic Mode. Eliminate tweets from the current trending topics on Twitter.

- MY TWEEPS:  Hunt your own timeline of tweets by the people you follow.

- PRACTICE:  Sharpen your accuracy, hone your skills, impress your mom.

- UNIVERSAL:  Download it on your iPhone, and install it on your iPad as well!

If you liked our iPhone App Review, check out Tweet Hunt:  Celebirdies today!

Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies - Jared Kroff


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Zombie Gunship iPhone App Review

Today’s iPhone App Review is for Zombie Gunship by Limbic Software!  Zombie games are easy to find on the iTunes AppStore… just do a search for Zombies.  Not to worry – this game is a refreshing new title that brings the AC-130 into play.

Use the infared camera to bomb the hell out of the zombies as survivors try to make their way to a centrally located bunker.

Zombie Gunship iPhone App Review

iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Three levels of zoom cycle through three speedily unlocked weapons – a machine gun, rocket launcher and mega bomb – whose ranges and reloads differ hugely but are all needed to succeed in destroying the undead, and bringing back humanity to their only hope.

Features that make this one of the best on the iPhone: 

- Comedy in its scattering limbs, all sorts of in-game helping hands become available for purchase, along with weapon upgrades to make each ridiculously effective.

- Full of intense play: deliberately killing a human to stop an overwhelming group swarming the bunker

- 3D night vision – toggle between whie and black hot modes and use radar

- Authentic weapons:  25mm Gatling gun, 40mm Bofors auto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon

- Collect a bounty for each kill

- Use coins to upgrade your weaponry and killing efficiency

- Challenge your friends and other gunners using Game Center integration

Zombie Gunship iPhone App Review

Whatever you do, of course, they never stop coming. Zombie Gunship obviously has its influences, but it works them into something surprising: a slow-mo high-score shooter, a grainy panorama of survival horrors, and a greater sense of an undead horde than the rest of the App Store’s zombie shooters put together.

Check out Zombie Gunship today in the iPhone App Store!

Zombie Gunship - Limbic Software


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Spacelings iPhone App Review!

Today’s iPhone App Review is for Spacelings by HotGen!  SAVE THE SPACELINGS!

The cute and lovable Spacelings and their sinister Roborg adversaries debut in an action puzzler like no other.  In this supreme test of lateral thinking, you must pull, push, grab, deflect, detonate and slingshot your way through over one hundred levels of logic and mayhem!

After returning home from a deep space mission of exploration, the captain of the scout ship Liberator finds his peace loving homeworld attacked and the entire Spaceling population abducted by the mysterious mechanical Roborgs!

Spacelings iPhone App Review
iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Piloting your ship and armed solely with a tractor beam, it falls to you to scour the galaxy and save your helpless Spaceling brothers and sisters from an uncertain fate… Free them all, by any means necessary!

Features that will drive this into the top 10 on the iPhone:

- Universal app: one purchase necessary for all iOS devices. Also includes support for Retina displays and enhanced playability on the iPad.

- Variable aspect ratio display: Rotate your device at any time if you need a better view of the action or just feel like a change.

- Branching level structure: Find one of the advanced levels too devious? Choose another and come back later.

- Zero gravity gameplay: use your tractor beam to slingshot obstacles away or force explosive enemies together and cause massive chain reactions!

- Multilayered gameplay mechanics: Negotiate and utilize beam switchers, teleports, reflectors, disruptor fields and more across a bewildering variety of challenges.

- Dumb but distinct enemies: Manipulate and exploit 5 enemy classes against each other using your skill and cunning. In this battle of wits you are nearly always outnumbered but never outgunned!

- Comprehensive tutorial and hint system: Getting stuck? Check out that level’s three help screens for hints, medal status and map!

Spacelings iPhone App Review

- Out of this world replay value: want to simply unlock connecting levels? Just rescue one Spaceling and leave the level. Want to max out a level? Spacelings has almost 400 advanced challenge medals to test players of all skill levels!

- Apple Game Center support: 20 Achievements to be earned as well as High Score and Medal Leaderboards!

If you liked our iPhone App Review, check out Spacelings in the iPhone AppStore today!

Spacelings - HotGen Ltd.


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